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Hello there, friend. Glad you stopped by in your search for Bend Oregon real estate agents. If you live here already, congrats! We’re here to help your search. If you’re looking to move to this beautiful area just east of the Cascades, lucky you.

bend oregon real estate agents

As one of the top places to live and retire in the U.S. (just ask Forbes magazine), our little mountain paradise on the edge of the high desert is a fantastic spot to plant some new roots, buy a vacation home, or invest in the rising real estate market.

Central Oregon boasts roughly three hundred days of sunshine per year, and if you ask most of the residents, you’d learn that it’s a nature lover’s dream, from world-class skiing, to hiking, to biking, to fishing, to rock climbing, there’s something for everyone.

You’d also learn that you can’t find better summers. We call it those “no temperature” days when it’s in the low 80s, the humidity level is hanging out near zero, not a cloud in the sky…sitting outside with a cold beer in hand from one of the many (many) craft breweries here in town, life is good.

So good, in fact, that Bend is expected to grow another 30% within the next five to ten years.

Which means…

There will be an equally growing list of Bend Oregon real estate agents to choose from.

We’d love to be your first choice, so here’s an open letter to our future neighbors.

With our combined years of experience in the local real estate market, Brandon and Jodi Kearney know the area well and can offer you a high quality, low key, guided experience that will make your home buying search both enjoyable and efficient.

Looking for the best schools? Gotcha covered.

Looking for something affordable? Gotcha covered.

Looking for a quiet neighborhood to retire in, or maybe a stunning home overlooking the Deschutes River that winds through the middle of town?

Yep, you guessed it. Gotcha covered.

Drop us a note today using the Contact form above, or view our listings. Tell us about yourself—from here, moving here, wanting to invest, shoe size (kidding)—or simply tell us what you’re looking for in real estate agents.

If you’ve found your dream home online and want to go take a look, let us know.

Got something in mind but you’d like help with a guided search? Give us the basics and turn us loose.

Like we said above, over the next few years, there will be tremendous growth in the housing market and you’ll find that the list of Bend Oregon real estate agents will match the pace. Even if you’re just browsing, maybe snooping around for a place you’d like to live in the future, send us a note about that too.

We can keep you updated on market conditions, send you properties that may interest you, or answer questions when you have them. We’re always available!

Again, we’re thrilled that you stopped by and we look forward to helping you find your way to Bend, or help you get into that new home, even if you’re just moving across the street.

All best,

Brandon and Jodi Kearney