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If you’re looking to move to Bend, Oregon, whether it’s for a new job, to be closer to family, or to have access to all the incredible local breweries and outdoor activities, you might want an idea of what there is to do around town before you start talking to one of our real estate agents, right?

The major question should be, “What isn’t there to do around here?”

You see, those of us who have lived in central Oregon for a while, or are one of the born-and-raised locals, are on to a little secret.

We’re betting you’d like to know what it is…

Bend maintains a cozy, small-town feel, yet comes with all the amenities (and more) of a major city.

We have world-class restaurants with gourmet dining.

Shop for high fashion in downtown Bend in one of the quaint boutiques. If shopping with familiar, major brand names is your thing, we have Costco, Barnes & Noble, Target, Home Depot, and many of the other big stores. (But the cool thing is, they’re not intrusive. Bend stays hip, even if you would like to buy 48 rolls of toilet paper in bulk.)

Looking for that amazing café that only brews with locally sourced, organic coffee beans? They’re here, and they’re delicious. Or, if you’re a traditionalist in your own way and you can’t live without your Starbucks, multiple locations ensure that you’re never more than a few minutes away from that much-needed shot of caffeine.

Speaking of things to drink, we mentioned those local breweries earlier…

Honestly, we’ve lost count of how many unbelievably good beers there are in town, and they’re just as likely brewed by your next-door neighbor as they are by Deschutes Brewery, who is on its way to becoming a national brand.

Or, if you’re not into hops and yeast…

Wine. OMG, the wine in Bend.

Note that Bend is a rather dry climate, and there aren’t many wineries just around the corner, but those amazing bottles of red and white only have to take a short trip over the Cascades before they take up residence in your cellar.

The rumors are true.

The wines produced in California and the Pacific Northwest are some of the best in the world. Order a bottle in one of our fine-dining restaurants, stop in for a sip at one of the multiple and frequent tastings, or pick up a cab recommended by the exceptionally knowledgeable “Wine Guy” over at Safeway. It’s hard to go wrong.

If you love listening to a great band out on the grass, sipping a chardonnay or IPA under the setting afternoon sun, Bend attracts top talent each year with the summer concert series at Les Schwab amphitheater, like ZZ Top, Sugarland, Huey Lewis, and Willie Nelson, just to name a few. Snoop Dog? He’s been here too. And it’s not just the major concert venues either; watch some great bands at smaller, more intimate settings like the Bend Athletic Club.

Here’s the thing about Bend…

We understand that you can experience a lot of these amenities from coast to coast, from New York, to Kansas City, to San Diego, or any of the multitude of other small cities and towns in between, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a location like Bend that manages to have an abundance of all of this, while maintaining that small town feel of being able to smile and wave at your neighbor out on a hiking trail, ski slope, or as you paddle down the Deschutes River.

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